Season of Coughs, Fevers, Stuff Noses, and Tummy Aches

As these become a norm for both kids and adults during winter. These symptoms and conditions spread from house to house leaving kids home from school and adults missing work.  People always take note that some men, women and children remain unscathed and seemingly untouched by the microbes that cause sickness. Some people even celebrate how they do not get sick even while living with family members who are stricken.

Why do some people never get sick?

The topic presents an interesting, logical question. Why do some people seem to never get sick, especially those in the same household as others who do? A natural response usually involves crediting an individual with strong immunity. The next question would naturally be to ask why some people have stronger immunity than others. The truth begins with the fact that the body was created with an amazing immune system comprised of little soldiers on constant lookout for foreign invaders. A set of hormones signal specific white blood cell fighters to crash the scene when any foreign viruses and bacteria threaten the body’s health. These cells destroy and eliminating the invaders before they infect the body and create a state of disease. This entire process occurs without the conscious awareness of the person going about their day. In other words, immunity occurs through natural and automatic means. All immunity is directed and controlled by a specific part of the nervous system known as the autonomic nervous system.

Chiropractic Improves Autonomic Nervous System

Chiropractic adjustments improve function of the autonomic nervous system. Spinal adjustments increase movement in the spine and balance communication between the brain and nervous system. The body responds by improving hormone balance and increasing immunity. Research from 2010 showed that patients who received chiropractic adjustments increased a specific signaling molecule in the body called Interleukin-2. This molecule regulates the activities of white blood cells that support immunity. Interleukin-2 plays a crucial role in the body’s natural response to microbial infection. This protein molecule maintains a higher presence in those who received a chiropractic adjustment compared to people who did not. Chiropractors focus on improving function rather than pursuing treatment of a specific symptom, pain, or condition. Increased function from the adjustment represents an example of what happens after removing interference from the nervous system. While other health professions focus on changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic strengthens the body to suit the environment.

Stay on track with adjustments to keep the autonomic nervous system balanced

Schedule regular chiropractic visits with your local chiropractor. With this support, you may even be one of those individuals boasting how they never get sick. Additionally, focusing on good habits such as the four listed above will help to reduce your chances of catching a cold or virus while increasing the chance for a healthy winter season.

At Core Health Centers, we provide quality chiropractic care to improve overall health and well-being. Our chiropractors are dedicated to helping you reach your optimal performance potential by reducing interference in the nervous system and removing barriers to healing. Schedule your chiropractic appointment today!

Get adequate amounts of Vitamin D (a major immune booster)

By receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin D, you are giving your body the needed nutrients to strengthen immunity. Vitamin D supports the production of immune cells, like white blood cells and B and T-cells, that help protect us from infection. Thankfully, it is easy to increase Vitamin D intake with exposure to sunlight or through foods such as fatty fish, certain mushrooms, and eggs.

Add 30-60 minutes of sleep to the nightly routine

Additionally adding 30-60 minutes of sleep to the nightly routine can have a huge impact on immunity. When we don’t get adequate amounts of sleep it causes our immune system to weaken significantly, which can make us more prone to illness and infection. Therefore, introducing an additional half hour or hour into your nightly routine can help you optimally fight off any foreign invaders.

Reduce and replace sugary drinks and snacks

Finally reducing and replacing sugary drinks and snacks with healthier options can help to increase immunity. Sugar drains the immune system, so by reducing sugar intake you are helping to reduce this drain on your body. As an alternative, try snacking on fruits or vegetables that provide essential nutrients for optimal immune health. Combining these alternatives with chiropractic care from Core Health Centers will help you reach your highest level of health!

By following these tips, chiropractors at Core Health Centers can help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen their immunity against any viruses or illnesses. We strive to provide our patients with quality chiropractic care to improve overall health and well-being. Schedule your chiropractic appointment today! With our support, you too can brag that you never get sick! Get started on your journey to optimal health today!


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