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5900 Centennial Circle Suite-180
Florence, KY 41042


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5900 Centennial Circle Suite-180
Florence, KY 41042

Pain Management: Florence KY

Do you suffer with physical pain in your joints, muscles, or any other area of the body?
Do you take over-the-counter pain relievers multiple times a day or addictive prescription drugs?
Don’t put up with the pain any longer. Pain management is within your reach—and it’s available right here in Florence, KY.

Florence Location:

At CORE Health Centers of Florence, we provide comprehensive chiropractic care for the evaluation and treatment of reoccurring pain conditions.  With chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and active therapies, we’re able to provide non-surgical and non-narcotic solutions for pain management.

By focusing on the root cause of pain and tailoring individualized treatment plans, we’re able to provide pain relief while addressing the underlying cause of pain symptoms.

Our pain management specialists use X-rays and diagnostic testing along with an extensive review of your medical history – including past injuries – as well as your lifestyle to determine how to best help you.

Affordable Care:

At CORE Health Centers of Florence, we can tailor individualized payment plans that work for just about everyone, so don’t let the fear of cost stop you from getting out of pain.  Call CORE Health Centers of Florence today to schedule an appointment and get back to living a pain free life.


Meet Our Chiropractors

We believe that every human being should have the opportunity to experience a pain free life. It is our mission to provide the communities we serve with the highest level of chiropractic care available from our highly skilled chiropractors.

It is our overall goal to meet the needs of our patients by delivering convenient, cost effective care that will help each and every one of our patients reduce levels of pain, restore proper functions and most of all; return to living a full and active life.

Call now to set an appointment with a chiropractor.

Gary Callioni D.C.-

Chiropractic, and Wellness Services Offered

By combining expertise in chiropractic, and therapeutic care, CORE Health Centers of Florence is able to provide highly successful treatment protocols that offer a high level of  pain relief and fast recovery without having to prescribe addictive medications or administer painful surgeries.

If your daily life is being affected by joint pain, back pain, nerve pain, migraine pain, fibromyalgia pain, etc., our team in Florence, KY is here to help you relieve pain symptoms and get back to doing the things you love.


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