Chiropractic Adjustments at CORE Health Centers

At CORE Health Centers, we utilize different techniques and methods for performing chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic Adjustments

At CORE Health Centers, we utilize different techniques and methods for performing chiropractic adjustments. One of those techniques is the Manual Adjustment Chiropractic Technique, which is a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust, which is a swift, short movement to encourage proper vertebral alignment. The Manual Adjustment involves using the hands to flex, mobilize, and/or adjust a spinal joint in order to correct any abnormalities in the joint and relieve pain, stiffness, swelling, or other symptoms. The reason CORE Health Centers’ chiropractors will use manual adjustment, is to attempt to correct the function, motion, or alignment of one or more of your vertebrae. The misalignment in the joints of your spine is called subluxation. When your vertebrae becomes misaligned, exert pressure is then being pushed on the surrounding nerves. This can result in tingling, stiffness, weakness, and pain throughout the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and anywhere else on the body. By using manual adjustments, CORE Health Centers’ chiropractors can realigning the problematic vertebrae and help to put these symptoms to rest.

What are Manual Adjustments?

Chiropractic manual adjustments is the treatment most people think of chiropractors performing. The chiropractor very specifically locates the source of joint pain and lack of joint movement between two bones. With a highly trained and experienced light thrust, one joint is pushed past another to open up the joint space. A clicking or popping sound is often produced when the joint is opened and “unstuck.” The ultimate goal of a chiropractic manual adjustment is to restore the nerve flow so the body can resume its optimal performance. The manual adjustment technique helps by removing the nerve interference by repositioning the misalignment bones.

Are Manual Adjustments Safe?

Manual adjustments is a very safe and effective procedure for neck aches and pains. Millions of manual adjustments are performed every day by chiropractors across the nation without any incidents. In fact, numerous studies have shown the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic manual adjustments. There have also been numerous healthcare studies that have shown that manual adjustments provided early in treatment is the most cost effective therapy for neck and back pain. Some patients experience minor stiffness or aches in the days after their appointment while the spine adjusts to the new alignment, but manual adjustments are often an effective treatment for acute lower back pain, neck pain, and other common aches and pains. At CORE Health Centers, we provide chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of pain, chronic pain, and other related symptoms. Our techniques used in our chiropractic adjustments services, including the Manual Adjustment Technique, are designed to provide a non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to pain relief. If your daily life is being affected by symptoms from an auto accident, stress, or other chronic pains, the team at CORE Health Centers is here to help you find relief and get you on the road to a pain free life. When a patient has a subluxation, chiropractic adjustment can be used to correct the misalignment, which in turn helps enhance joint mobility, reduce pain, reduce muscle spasm, and reduce nerve irritation or impingement. At CORE Health Centers, patients are able to receive full evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, treatments, therapies, and more all in one convenient location. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you suffer with any painful conditions, we strongly suggest that you schedule a complete pain assessment at any one of our convenient CORE Health Centers locations today.

Our Services

CORE Health Centers offers complete Chiropractic and Wellness programs designed to provide non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions for pain relief and rehabilitation. If your daily life is being affected by back pain, neck pain, whiplash, or headaches, the CORE Health Centers team can help relieve your symptoms and help get you on the road to a pain-free life.

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