New Patients

Learn what to expect during your first visits to CORE Health Centers.

What to Expect

What to Expect

The new patient process at CORE Health Centers takes place over two visits. This allows us the time to get a detailed health history, perform all the necessary diagnostic testing, take x-rays, and review the results, to help determine if we are the right choice for your care.

Before Your First Visit

Before Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, you may want to complete your “New Patient” paperwork. You can do this by using the “New Patient Paperwork” link on this page, or if you prefer, simply come in 15 minutes early for your first visit and complete the paperwork in the clinic.

Remember to bring your I.D. and insurance information for the first visit.

New Patient Paperwork

Select a location below to complete your New Patient Paperwork.

Your First Visit: Day-1

1. When you first arrive, we will get you checked in and if needed, complete the new patient paperwork.

2. Next, we will give you a quick tour of our facility, and then begin by taking a detailed health history of both current and past health concerns.

3. Once this is complete, we will perform a comprehensive spinal examination which may include orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as x-rays in the chief area of complaint. (If medically necessary)

4. Once the exam is completed, we will then schedule a time for your come in for your second visit.

(If the chiropractor recommends any additional services during the first visit, you will be informed right away).

Before Your Second Visit

Before Your Second Visit

The chiropractor will analyze your health history, review the results of your diagnostic testing and x-rays, to create a customized plan of care designed to help you achieve the results you desire

Your Second Visit: Day-2 (Report of Findings)

1. During your second visit, you will sit down with the doctor, and they will walk you through your exam results and x-rays in order to show you exactly what is going on structurally within your body.

2. Next, your doctor will thoroughly explain your proposed plan of care. The doctor will go over the treatment protocol as well as the number of visits proposed in order to help you to achieve your desired results.

3. After you have discussed the plan of care, and you are planning on using insurance, we will discuss your benefits so that you know exactly what will be covered and/or not covered by your insurance, as well as any co-pays that may be involved.

4. If you plan on paying for services with cash, we will go over the many cash payment options that are available through CORE Health Centers.

5. At this point, if you decide we are the right choice for your care, then we will get started on your plan of care with your very first chiropractic adjustment!

(We invite you to bring your spouse or a loved one with you to this appointment. We have found that when making health-related decisions, it is often helpful to have a spouse or family member present.)


At CORE Health Centers, our vision is that every human being, experiences a pain free life. We do this by delivering convenient, cost effective solutions that provide each and every patient with the highest level of medical rehabilitative care available. From your very first visit, through your entire plan of care, we strive to provide you with the very best in patient care. We will keep you informed and up to date on how your treatments and therapies are working and we will show you techniques and simple lifestyle changes that will help support your treatments and lead to improvements in your overall health.

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