Don’t Wait…. Choose Proactive Health Care

An old adage instructs that good things come to those who wait. Waiting to make health care choices
proves to be a major exception to the time-honored virtue of patience. Dental checkups, mammograms,
prostate exams and physicals help detect problems early or address them before they turn into a larger
problem. New research proves the value of early intervention to address back and sciatica pain.

Human beings tend to treat problems reactively rather than visualize problems on the horizon. Preventative
care and proactive of health decisions represent some of the smartest and most cost-effective approaches for
the whole family. The brain tends to address issues of immediate concern. The brain usually waits (reactively)
until pain presents before calling attention to a health issue. Too often the problem existed for a previous
time and could have been addressed to a healthier end.

Compelling research published in October 2020 showed that early intervention proved to be an essential
ingredient in achieving long-term health satisfaction. Improvements in functional disability, pain intensity,
and overall satisfaction resulted for people who sought early therapy and manual care intervention
compared to people who waited or elected to use drug-therapy. The standard medical process for people
with back pain and sciatica usually involves drug therapy to mask the pain while waiting to see if the
problem progresses. This reactive approach risks greater long-term expenditure and the dangers of
regular use of powerful pharmaceuticals. The wait and see approach combined with pain medication
acknowledges a problem exists but does nothing to repair, fix, or heal the issue but rather allows the
condition to persist.

Chiropractic care and physical therapy interventions help address problems before they become bigger
and more permanent. Chiropractors use objective and specialized testing to determine the location and
extent of a problem that needs to be addressed. America prescribes more prescription drugs than any
country in the world. That reality contrasts with parents and families making a conscious decision to raise
children and pursue health choices that do not involve dependency or need for medications. Chiropractic
and physical therapeutic healthcare continue to gain momentum and popularity because of research that
reveals the benefits of working with the body and honoring its ability to heal itself. When it comes to
health care, good things come to those who don’t wait.


 Annals of Internal Medicine January 2021 “Physical Therapy Referral From Primary Care for Acute Back Pain With Sciatica : A Randomized Controlled Trial.”
Julie M Fritz, Elizabeth Lane, Molly McFadden, Gerard Brennan, John S Magel, Anne Thackeray, Kate Minick, Whitney Meier, Tom Greene

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