Chiropractic Patients Shown to Reduce Opioid Use by 55%

Opioid statistics are staggering. Despite an international pandemic for covid-19, opioid drugs continue to prove far more deadly. Statistics show that one of every three Americans takes opioid drugs and 1.9 million people face addiction. An astonishing 115 people die each and every day from opioid drugs. An infusion of opioids into society initially served to help people dealing with daily pain but a Pandora’s box of consequences followed.

A 2015 study determined that a baby comes into this world every 25 minutes addicted to opioid drugs due to a birth mom who used opioid drugs during pregnancy. A mother’s receptors create a chemical dependency from potent medications in the blood. The same chemical dependency transfers to the fetus. The physical cost to the baby combines with an estimated fifty thousand dollars expense to fully rehab a baby from an opioid dependency.

A key factor solving this crisis begins upstream with addressing the cause of the problem. 63.4% of opioid users report starting drug use to treat a physical pain. Implementing a drugless solution for physical pain prevents the need for addictive narcotics. A proactive solution awaits with chiropractic care.

Research from 2018 looked at the benefits of chiropractic care as they relate to opioid use. Pain relief resulting from chiropractic services allowed patients to use lower and less frequent doses of opioids, leading to a reduced risk of adverse effects. Research continues to pile up and point out the much-needed benefits chiropractors deliver to a sick and suffering culture of people constantly directed to consume more pills in pursuit of pain relief.

According to the landmark study, the likelihood of filling a prescription for an opioid medication was 55% lower among those who received chiropractic care compared with non-chiropractic recipients. Not only did the patients receiving chiropractic care achieve greater results, but the financial cost was also less than the use of medical intervention.

Too many people remain unaware of both the dangers of opioid use and the relief available through the natural healing power of chiropractic. Chiropractors continue to pursue all families with information and inspiration that hope awaits through the positive influence of chiropractic care. Patients who utilize chiropractic as a proactive form of natural health care spend less money on prescriptions and report greater satisfaction with their health care choice.

Chiropractic invites people to unlock and trust the healing and recuperative capabilities of their own body as a first choice for maximized performance and pain free living. Men, women, and children get the most out of life by ensuring the brain and body operate to their greatest potential without the use of dangerous drugs. Pursue genuine healing and freedom from pills with chiropractic.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine June 2018
“Association between utilization of Chiropractic Services for treatment of low-back pain and use of prescription opioids.” James M Whedon 1, Andrew W J Toler 1, Justin M Goehl 2, Louis A Kazal 2


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