More Mothers Turning to Chiropractic for Their Children’s Health

An old adage states that, “The times they are a’changing.” More and more people continue to turn to natural and less invasive methods of healthcare, especially for families and children. Parents and caregivers want a way to raise their families naturally and without excessive reliance on drugs and medicines.

This shift in perspective and health care planning created a wave of new populations seeking and utilizing chiropractic care as part of their health routines. New families pursue natural health care causing neighboring families to ask great questions about how and why chiropractic benefits children.

Chiropractors easily discover small neck and spine misalignments in children caused by falls, sports injuries, and automobile accidents and help the body repair and heal. Many people do not know that the most predominant type of injury to a child’s neck or spine comes as a result of childbirth. Pregnancy, labor, and delivery factors play into the risk and severity of neck problems in babies. These babies grow into toddlers, school children, and teenagers with a host of health challenges. Small spinal misalignments interfere with the nervous system causing many of the unwanted symptoms and sicknesses that children suffer with today.

A 2015 study found a variety of factors that led to higher risk of injury during birth. Those factors include maternal pelvic mobility (the mother’s pelvic alignment and movement), type of labor, number of births for mother, fetal head delivery, labor augmentation, caesarean delivery, and duration of labor. The most educational finding from the study correlated the duration of labor to an increased risk of spinal dysfunction in newborns. A longer labor and delivery caused more damage to areas of the spine. The upper neck represents the most commonly compromised area from birth trauma. Even normal labor and deliveries result in neck problems in newborns.

Chiropractors specialize in the detection and correction of subtle, yet significant birth trauma injuries. Most birth trauma problems go undiscovered and unaddressed by pediatricians because babies cannot express a source of pain, irritation, or discomfort. Sometimes the neck problems existing in infants do not manifest as pain but altered nerve function results as the body adapts to spinal stress. Health challenges like ear infections, colic, or nursing difficulty end up occurring. The study concluded that the identification and treatment of altered spinal and neurological dysfunction lead to improved health in newborns.

Overall health and well-being of children continues to decrease annually. This reflection of current society shows an inverse relationship between advancements in health care and a reduction in actual health. More children currently suffer from chronic health conditions than ever before. Many of these children continue to seek health care advice from conventional medical personnel who often use prescription drugs as a means of producing artificial or temporary wellness. Chiropractors play an integral role in helping children and families experience genuine health and well-being by ensuring that the body functions and operates as intended. Thousands of people and families continue to seek proactive health care that empowers the body to combat sickness and disease naturally. Chiropractic works.

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