Every 25 Minutes a Baby is Born Addicted to Opioid Drugs

So much attention focuses on viruses that many other serious healthcare crises fade to the back burner. A primary area of great concern continues to be the treatment of painful conditions with powerful and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Ailments and suffering come in many forms and each condition traces back to a source within the body. Numbing the body with dangerous chemicals continues to be an unacceptable form of health care that remains a constant practice throughout the world.

Some concerning statistics published in a medical journal regarding opioid use in recent years:
• 91.8 million (37.8%) US civilians, non-institutionalized adults used prescription opioids in 2015
• 11.5 million of those users (12.5%) misused opioid drugs
• 1.9 million American adults experience an active opiate use disorder
• 63.4% of users reported that their opioid misuse originated with a need to relieve physical pain

Finding solutions to chronic pain continues to be a huge problem. Nearly half of the adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Many opioid drug users (and abusers) start out using these dangerous substances in an honest attempt to experience relief from pain. Trusted medical doctors sympathize with patients in pain by prescribing opioids despite knowing the harm that accompanies regular use. Research from a 2017 medical journal found a lack of data supporting the long-term effectiveness of opioids for chronic pain treatment. The study determined ell-documented increases in harm associated with opioid prescriptions.

People often associate opioid use with adults and the elderly. People overlook or do not know that this damaging undercurrent of prescription drug use also affects children. Every twenty-five minutes a new infant breathes their first breath in this world while addicted to opioid drugs because the mother was a user. The annual cost for rehabilitating opioid-addicted infants tops a staggering $150 billion a year.

Chiropractors provide a frontline alternative to this sensitive topic because of the relationship that exists between chiropractic, pain, function, and health. Thousands of opioid drug users lower their opioid usage or completely end their need for opioid prescriptions with the help of chiropractic care.

A study conducted in 2014 described the science and neurology behind why chiropractic proves so effective at reducing pain and increasing function. A special connection exists between the spine and the brain which directly affects pain. Stress in the spine limits the range of motion between each vertebra. Every patient in pain experiences a limited range of motion. The brain subsequently triggers pain and stress signals throughout the body to prevent further damage. A chiropractor evaluates structural and functional movement patterns in and along each vertebra to determine if the brain is receiving proper feedback. If an area or segment of the spine becomes immobile or misaligned, gentle adjustments restore communication from the brain to every cell and tissue. Less pain and improved function occur as a result.

Chiropractic requires no pills, lotions, or surgery to help a person improve function, decrease pain, and reach a greater level of health. Valid concern over data produce by opioid use makes chiropractic a necessary and welcome alternative for families pursuing maximized health.

Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation 2014
“The role of the descending inhibitory pain mechanism in musculoskeletal pain following high-velocity, low amplitude thrust manipulation: a review of the literature.”
Christos Savva, Giannis Giakas, Michalis Efstathiou


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