Do chiropractic adjustments aid in slowing the aging process?

People spend billions of dollars every year to aid in slowing the aging process. Wrinkle creams, hormone replacements, and medications make up the majority of remedies targeting the fight to age.

Many factors accelerate aging. Poor diet, lack of exercise, sedentary living, smoking, and negative emotional stress represent a few of the major contributors to accelerated aging. One other significant, yet relatively unknown factor that contributes to cellular aging is poor spinal and postural health. Cellular aging occurs because of the intimate connection between the health of the spine and function of the central nervous system. When posture and spinal health are not normal or adequate, communication between the body and brain alters. Virtually all aspects of human health and performance can be affected as a result. Slowing the acceleration of the aging process turns out to be one of the many benefits achieved through better spinal alignment and movement through chiropractic.

A popular new measurement stick for aging comes from identifying telomere length. A telomere is a tiny cap-like structure located on the end of all DNA strands. A relationship exists between telomere length and aging. As telomere length decreases, the aging process accelerates. The key to health and longevity comes from implementing health strategies that lengthen telomeres. Chiropractic adjustments prove an ability to do just that. A study published in June of 2017 showed that telomere length increased by 8.23 percent in an individual who received less than five months of corrective chiropractic care. That finding fell in line with evidence compiled by scientists and researchers who continue to discover exponential effects of chiropractic benefits.

Chiropractic involves so much more than alleviating pain. The first recipient of a chiropractic adjustment experienced hearing restoration. Hundreds of millions of people have received health improvements seemingly unrelated to the spine since that first adjustment in 1895. Many people still only unitize chiropractic for back and neck pain relief. But benefits such as anti-aging and other non-spinal related benefits continue to occur every day for patients invested in caring for the nervous system. The relationship between the spine and central nervous system offers extensive proof about why such amazing changes occur.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce interference within the body’s communication system. An adjustment does not focus on curing or treating diseases or conditions. Chiropractic focuses on increasing the function of cells and tissues through better neurological communication. Many unwanted symptoms and conditions reduced or health completely when function improves. Increased focus, better performance, and slowing the aging process serve as just a few of the many reasons why family members of all ages benefit from understanding and experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care.

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