The absence of pain does not serve as a good indicator of an underlying problem.

Many people assume that injuries and spinal problems originate from accidents or collisions which occur at high speeds or with extreme force. Research says otherwise. A collision produced by speeds as low as 5 mph inside a motor vehicle creates enough force to result in moderate to severe long-term spinal injury or damage. A study from 2006 evaluated the risk of low speed and low impact collisions. This study determined that a crash at speeds of just 5.97 MPH resulted in symptoms of strains and headaches. This information reconstructed the way doctors and researchers understand the influence of the most minor accidents or low impact collisions.

Chiropractors educate the public on the importance of preventative and proactive care. Some draw comparisons to dentistry where routine maintenance provides the best defense from cavities and painful surgeries. Chiropractic offers the same opportunity for long-term wellness through the maintenance of the spine. Pain often arrives as the last indicator that shows something is wrong in the body (or the teeth). Regular checkups address the early stages of problems before the pain or symptoms arise. Research dictates that anyone involved in low speed collisions risks long term damage from whiplash if undetected tissue damage goes undetected. Chiropractic offers a healthy alternative.

The body maintains an ability to manage the presence of decay and early stages of disease or degeneration without expressing any pain or symptoms. Examples of this management include high blood pressure, cavities, and even small to moderate sized tumors. All can be present in different areas of the body without exhibiting feelings of pain or alarm. The same applies to the effects of whiplash. Low speed and low force accidents create tissue damage to the head, neck, and spine without eliciting pain or discomfort. Many people involved in low speed collisions assume they were unaffected in the aftermath of the impact, yet science and clinical evidence suggests otherwise.

The absence of pain does not serve as a good indicator of an underlying problem. Pain usually presents as the final stage of a more advanced condition. Abnormal positioning or immobile vertebrae, called subluxations, mimic high blood pressure and cholesterol because they exist silently for extended periods of time. Ligaments, soft tissues, and small muscles also endure damage silently for a period of time. The body tends to manage discomfort until an issue deteriorates to the point of discomfort and a need for more comprehensive corrections which result in surgery or the consumption of harmful medications. Proactive care ensures that the body does not continue on a negative path following an accident, sports injury, or physical collision (or fall).

Chiropractors utilize neurological and objective testing while also assessing global and segmental range of motion to indicate the presence of spinal injury or soft tissue damage. Chiropractic care helps address the underlying cause of problems and allows the body to achieve long-term healing without drugs or surgery. Whiplash can occur in collisions at speeds of as a low as 5 mph. Grownups and children alike endure similar impacts from work and play on a regular basis without much thought to long-term damage. Chiropractors offer the freedom to live life with maximum function by ensuring the spine stays proactively cared for throughout life’s bumps and thumps. Adding Chiropractic to the family health care plan provides confidence in the face of any unexpected surprises that might be down the road.


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