Insurance companies perform the best liability studies to evaluate risk assessment and determine potential for accident or injury. Good insurance companies will do extensive research fueled by the incentive to minimize risk of injury that would force a payout. Monthly insurance premiums are established based on risk. Higher risk means charging a higher premium. The public health landscape takes these non-biased criteria into consideration when evaluating the safety of chiropractic. The potential for risk directly relates to the amount of premiums insurance companies deem customary for healthcare practitioners. Chiropractors routinely experience the lowest health insurance premiums when compared to any other healthcare provider.

Chiropractic adjustments appear to be mildly invasive to the naked eye because of the scientific reality that genuine health involves the proper movement and alignment of the body and spine. The actual safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care has been proven beyond doubt over the past one-hundred years. Chiropractic began thriving as a practice immediately after the science began to be applied. The last three decades showed particularly effective research-based advancement to techniques and chiropractic innovations. Most every top level athlete or team utilizes chiropractic care. The internet posts thousands of videos of the best athletes in the world receiving and testifying about using chiropractic before, during, and after practice or competition. Scientific data and endless testimonies prove the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for children and adults. Public health continues to benefit more and more as people become empowered with a better understanding of a proactive approach to health care. Safe, effective chiropractic adjustments continue to be used by more families every year.

A study published in May of 2019 evaluated research compiled to determine the safety of chiropractic. This landmark study measured cerebral blood flow, vertebral artery blood flow, and arterial blood velocity in patients undergoing spinal adjustments in the neck. No significant changes were found to the blood vessel or blood flow through the artery compared with normal neck rotation. In other words, the stress that a chiropractic adjustment put on the blood vessel and blood flow into the brain stayed equivalent to a person simply turning their head.

The study also concluded evidence showing that significant health benefits were achieved by those receiving adjustments. One major benefit of the spinal adjustments came in the form of increased function and blood flow to the posterior brain and cerebellum. Current literature and over 100 years of clinical evidence conclude that chiropractic serves as one of the safest and most effective forms of healthcare available for families today.

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“Effect of cervical manipulation on vertebral artery and cerebral haemodynamics in patients with chronic neck pain: a crossover randomized controlled trial.”
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