Can Chiropractic Play a Role According to the Research?

Neck pain, back pain, and headaches typically pop into the minds of most people when they think about chiropractic care. These same people respond with positive curiosity when they learn that chiropractic care does so much more, including helping kids and adults overcome pain and dysfunction. Chiropractic also provides a safe and natural way to improve many other aspects of health and human performance.

The month of October typically represents a change in the weather, falling of leaves, and preparations for Halloween. Another typical association with the month of October arrives with an abundance of the color pink that accompanies breast cancer awareness. The breast cancer awareness campaign began in the early 1990s and built momentum as more and more families experienced the impact or had an encounter with this challenging disease.

Awareness certainly brings attention to needs and causes but action needs to be a priority when it comes to health and prevention of disease. Breast cancer numbers continue to skyrocket as the awareness campaign continues to grow. Football players with pink socks, pink shoes, and pink wristbands stand out to raise awareness and money for breast cancer hospitals and research. People participate in walks and activities to support research and the quest for cancer cures. Doctors advocate for early detection as a sound approach. But early detection differs greatly from prevention. Early detection consists of testing to determine the presence of disease. Early detection serves a very helpful purpose in determining the size, location, and type of cancer as early as possible so appropriate treatment can begin. Real prevention consists of improving function inside the body, so the environment becomes a safe haven from the proliferation of cancer cells.

Some of the best research in the world proves that over 95% of cancers do not originate through genetics. Lifestyle represents the key to helping the body prevent cancer before it builds. Many aspects of lifestyle contribute to building appropriate building blocks of immunity through nutrition, emotional health, and exercise. The health of the body’s spine and biomechanics prove to be a powerful factor in improving immune function.

A chiropractor’s role involves aligning the spine and posture to empower the brain to appropriately communicate to all parts of the body. Research shows that slightly abnormal alignment and movement of spinal vertebrae influences immunity through central nervous system function and its relationship with hormone health. When a spinal vertebra becomes immobile or misaligned, the nervous system enters into a stress response. The immune system becomes suppressed during this time and health performance declines. Most people who experience these small spinal misalignments go through their day unaware of the abnormalities until they eventually cause pain. Chiropractic care remains an essential part of total body health to ensure the body functions optimally by ensuring minimal stress exists in the nervous system.

Breast cancer represents a serious threat to women’s health. Cancer continues to be a dangerous threat to people of all ages. People need to understand that proactive solutions exist that work to empower the body’s immune defenses. Implementing healthy lifestyle choices plays a significant role in cancer support and prevention. Regular chiropractic care reduces stress from the spine and nervous system and supports a healthy immune system to compliment healthier lifestyle choices. Proactive prevention starts with chiropractic.

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