New Years is right around the corner and many people will make the resolution to lose weight.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 39.8 percent, or more than one-third of American adults, were found to be overweight or obese. Being overweight is a serious mental and physical strain, and can place a burden on daily life.

Sometimes even just losing a few pounds of stubborn belly fat seems impossible.

If you’ve been hitting a plateau in your weight loss, or have wanted to make a healthier lifestyle change, help is closer than you think. Chiropractic is an all-natural solution to aiding weight loss without tonics, pills, or cleanses.

Here are three ways a chiropractor can help you lose weight:

1. Fix Neurological Pathways with Adjustments
Subluxations within the spine can directly impact weight gain. Subluxations are misalignments within the spinal vertebrae, which can often press on spinal nerves. This is problematic because the nerves of the spinal column act as carriers of messages sent throughout the central nervous system (CNS). Information on anything from emotions to hunger and eating cues can be affected when these pathways are misaligned. In turn, many functions of the body, such as the metabolic system and the body’s ability to burn fat, may begin to decline. A chiropractor can correct subluxations of the spine through spinal adjustments. With adjustments, communication between the brain and the body’s systems can begin to improve, making it easier for the body to lose weight.

2. Eliminate Pain That Prevents Exercise
The pressure subluxations place on spinal nerves often results in pain, tingling sensations, or even burning sensations in the affected area, which can extend into the extremities. This may result in chronic pain or even limited range of motion, which can greatly impact physical activities. When exercise is difficult to perform, it can seem impossible to begin shedding the pounds you want to lose.
Likewise, carrying excess weight places a tremendous amount of stress on the spine. Specifically, the lower back, which takes on more pressure due to the excess weight it has to support. This can result in chronic back pain, which can make it difficult to exercise comfortably.

3. Decrease Stress Levels
Experiencing stress can really slow down any weight loss efforts. With negative effects on eating habits and metabolism, oftentimes high levels of stress can thwart our attempts to lose weight. Likewise, high stress levels increase levels of cortisone in the body, which can increase cravings and send hunger signals to the brain. Chiropractic lessens not just physical stress, but mental stress as well.
Chiropractic adjustments and techniques decrease the tension being held by muscles, as well as lessen the pressure being held at the nape of the neck. Pressure held here, at the top of cervical spine, is likely to impact moods as well as cause headaches, which can heighten stress levels. Chiropractic helps to release pressure and lower stress levels, making it easier to lose weight.


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