Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator (PTLMS)

CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY utilizes the Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator, or PTLMS, as part of our spinal rehabilitative therapy service. The Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator has helped CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY to improve the health in patients by emphasizing whole care that includes spine and posture correction, nutrition, and muscular development. With our use of the Pettibon System’s rehabilitation tools, CORE Health Centers’ patients actively participate in their care both at our clinic and their home. The Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator removes muscle splinting, increases blood flow, and significantly decreases the possibility of the practitioner being hurt. Used during the acute phase of chiropractic care for pain control and enhanced metabolic function for regeneration of the injured para-vertebral soft tissue, the PTLMS works amazingly fast for significant results.

What is the Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator?

There are a number of soft tissue therapy techniques which can be successfully employed to assist in the reduction of pain and muscle tightness and spasm. The Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator, or PTLMS, was developed to enhance the chiropractic adjustment through pain control, enhanced metabolic function and regeneration of injured para-vertebral soft tissues. PTLMS is a hand held instrument which delivers a specific percussive muscle treatment designed to relieve spasm, disperse toxic substances and decrease painful soft tissue fibrosis. Using the PTLMS directly before adjusting warms up the area, allowing for a better adjustment with less force. It is also an invaluable tool when treating extremity complaints. The PTLMS system focuses on accurately determining the exact cause of the pain and dysfunction, designing and implementing a specific, tailor made treatment program, and most importantly providing the tools for patients to not only maintain the positive changes, but also continue to experience improvements in health.

Benefits of Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator (PTLMS)

  • Breaks up old scar tissue allowing the body to start healing process
  • Helps heal old injuries
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Gets rid of toxins in the body
At CORE Health Centers, we provide chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of pain, chronic pain, and other related symptoms. Our variety of different chiropractic services, including the Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator, are designed to provide a non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to pain relief. If your daily life is being affected by symptoms from an auto accident, stress, or other chronic pains, the team at CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY is here to help you find relief and get you on the road to a pain free life.
At CORE Health Centers, patients are able to receive full evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, treatments, therapies, and more all in one convenient location. Strengthening postural muscles and building endurance is an ongoing process with The Pettibon Rehabilitation System. So patients use our clinic’s rehabilitation equipment, well as their own equipment twice daily at home. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you suffer with any painful conditions, we strongly suggest that you schedule a complete pain assessment at any one of our convenient CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY location today.
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