Text Neck

For kids and teenagers alike, texting has become a way of life and it can, literally, be a pain in the neck. Statistics show that kids and teenagers are sending a minimum of 3,000 text messages per month. In many cases, the volume of text messages can be much higher than that. CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY not only provides adults chiropractic adjustments, but kids as well. The chiropractic adjustment for kids is a therapeutic manipulation that uses controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude, and velocity directed at specific joints that can help with text neck. Text neck is a condition that affects the placement and alignment of the neck, and brings with it some serious health risks. At CORE Health Centers, we can help children and teenagers find relief from the pain associated with text neck.

What is Text Neck

Text neck is a condition in which the continual use of technology causes neck pain and discomfort. Children and teenagers who are frequently hunched over their mobile devices are experiencing headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain in rapidly growing numbers. These headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain that manifests stems from the way in which kids and teenagers hold their heads and necks when using technology, or specifically their phones. Text Neck must not be undermined and should be addressed as soon as possible with chiropractic care, before it causes permanent damage to the spine. CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY recommends visiting one of our chiropractic location for non-surgical and all-natural intervention to manipulate the spine and correct the posture. If left untreated, tech neck can result in permanent spine damage, debilitating pain, or trigger early onset of arthritis.

How to Prevent Text Neck

Text neck is a form of communication that is only getting more popular. It’s important for people of all ages to keep their spine healthy to maintain good posture in order to adapt to the strain texting places on your body. There are steps you can take to prevent text neck:
  • Practicing good posture is the easiest place to start.
  • Keeping your spine healthy by seeing a CORE Health Centers’ chiropractor.
  • Look with the eyes instead of moving the neck.
  • Ask friends and family to say something when they notice prolonged periods of poor posture.
In addition to optimizing your spine, CORE Health Centers’ chiropractors can also teach you quick and easy daily exercises and beneficial techniques for holding your mobile device that minimize strain on your neck and spine. At CORE Health Centers, we provide chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of pain, chronic pain, and other related symptoms that kids may be having. Our techniques used in our chiropractic adjustments for kids are designed to provide a non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to pain relief for problems like earaches and ear infections. If your kid’s daily life is being affected by symptoms from an auto accident, stress, or other chronic pains, the team at CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY is here to help you and your kids find relief and get you on the road to a pain free life. When a patient has a subluxation, chiropractic adjustment can be used to correct the misalignment, which in turn helps enhance joint mobility, reduce pain, reduce muscle spasm, and reduce nerve irritation or impingement. At CORE Health Centers, patients are able to receive full evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, treatments, therapies, and more all in one convenient location. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you suffer with any painful conditions, we strongly suggest that you schedule a complete pain assessment at any one of our convenient CORE Health Centers of Ashland KY location today.
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