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16 Nov

Make party hosting a breeze

Entertaining is a great way to show good will and friendship to others and to celebrate special occasions.

Many people can successfully throw parties, but hosting a great party takes a little extra effort. By following some tips, hosts can ensure their next party is one to remember.

· Stick to a theme. Many party hosts find that themes help in the planning. Themes make it easy to coordinate invitations, decor, food, and music. Guests also may enjoy dressing up according to the theme.

· Start making lists. Make lists regarding which foods you plan to cook, what you need to buy, who you plan to invite, and any other details that are floating around in your head. Getting things on paper and checking off the list can help keep things moving.

· Do as much you can in advance. When hosting at home, spend the day prior to the party getting the house in order and making any food if the party will not be catered. If it will be catered, confirm with the catering company the delivery time and firm up any other details. You'll be far less frazzled if you space out your tasks than trying to squeeze them in a few hours before guests arrive.

· Expect early/late arrivals. Some people just aren't punctual. Some may leave home too early and arrive well before the party starts, while others think "fashionably late" is showing up long after the party starts. Have some easy-to-grab snacks so that early and late guests can munch while you finish your tasks.

· Stick to what you know. A dinner party or other event may not be the best time to get creative. Lean on recipes you've made before and can guarantee correct timing and flavor.

· Have a seating plan. Have ample seating available and consider assigning seats at formal affairs so guests can sit next to friends or like-minded fellow invitees.

· Spread out foods and beverages. Guests tend to bottleneck around the goodies. Ensure mingling and avoid traffic jams by having drinks and snacks in different locations.

These are just a handful of ways hosts can throw memorable parties where everyone has a good time.

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