Stay Healthy at Home Video Series

At CORE Health Centers, it is our mission to help Keep Kentucky Healthy and to do this, we have created the CORE Health Centers Stay Healthy at Home Video Series! 

Our doctors at CORE Health Centers have put together a series of  short “how-to” videos designed to show you stretches, movements, tips and tricks specifically designed to help with painful areas like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and hip pain just to name a few. 

The goal of the video series is to provide you with a resource that is not only fun and easy to follow, but also something that can be used every day to help you and your family Stay Healthy at Home! 

3 Stretches for Your Shoulders

Planter Fasciitis, Foot Pain, Foot Stretches

Strengthen Your Core & Flatten Your Tummy

Neck Pain Relief 

3 Stretches for Hip Pain

Neck Stretches for Pain & Stiffness

Great Stretches for Runners

Middle Back Pain & Stretches

Lower Back Stretches

3 Ways to Make a Home Ice Pack

Hot Packs for Pain & Relaxation

Working from Home Ergonomics

Back Exercises and Stretches

Supplements to Help Improve the Immune System

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