Spinal Stenosis

At CORE Health Centers, surgery doesn’t have to be the first treatment option for those suffering with spinal stenosis. Our chiropractic experts will undertake to relieve your spinal stenosis by getting your joints, nerves, and vertebrae back in functioning order. Spinal stenosis, which occurs when the spinal canal is compressed as the surrounding tissues put pressure on the spinal cord. This condition usually occurs with age and/or repetitive spinal injuries, and tends to gradually worsen over time. With proper chiropractic care from the experts at CORE Health Centers, your vertebrae can be on their way to moving properly and discouraging the worsening of spinal stenosis, as well as relieving the painful symptoms. Chiropractic services may be an essential part of your spinal stenosis pain treatment. Proper alignment of the joints of the spine, neck, and head, and related chiropractic adjustments are often the simplest way to relieve back pain and avoid surgery or narcotic pain medications. Whatever your chiropractic needs, our team of experts at CORE Health Centers is here with a solution. At CORE Health Centers, we provide chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of pain, chronic pain, and other related symptoms. Our variety of different chiropractic services are designed to provide a non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to pain relief. If your daily life is being affected by symptoms from an auto accident, stress, or other chronic pains, the team at CORE Health Centers is here to help you find relief and get you on the road to a pain free life.
At CORE Health Centers, patients are able to receive full evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, treatments, therapies, and more all in one convenient location. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you suffer with any painful conditions, we strongly suggest that you schedule a complete pain assessment at any one of our convenient CORE Health Centers locations today.
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