Muscle Pain & Spasms

The team at CORE Health Centers are experts at the treatment and prevention of muscle pain and spasms. Muscle spasms occur when muscles are over or under used (such as strenuous physical activity, or long periods spent stationary so that muscles become ridged). The muscles begin to flex without our control, and the ensuing lost flow of blood to the area can cause sudden and stabbing pain.

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best options for the relief and prevention of muscle pain and spasms. Our experienced chiropractors and medical professionals at CORE Health Centers are knowledgeable as to how the bones, ligaments, and muscles work together. When your bones are out of alignment, your muscles become strained. This can cause pain in the neck, back, legs, or abs that may last anywhere from a few minutes, to a few weeks.

Everyday activity such as quick movement, prolonged sitting, poor posture, and heavy lifting can results in muscles spasms and pain. At CORE Health Centers, we not only want to treat your existing pain, spasms, and misalignments, but also help you avoid future muscle pain and spasm episodes. Proper alignment of joints and bones free up muscles to move properly, and are the beginning of your journey to natural pain relief.

At CORE Health Centers, we provide chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of muscle pain and spasms, as well as other related symptoms. Our variety of different chiropractic services are designed to provide a non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to muscle spasm and pain relief. If your daily life is being affected by symptoms from muscle pain and spasms, the team at CORE Health Centers is here to help you find relief and get you on the road to a pain free life.

At CORE Health Centers, patients are able to receive full evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, treatments, therapies, and more all in one convenient location. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you suffer with arthritis or any painful conditions, we strongly suggest that you schedule a complete pain assessment at any one of our convenient CORE Health Centers locations today.

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